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UMPI Notes and Reference

The University of Maine at Presque Isle, that institution which is nice enough to, out of the kindness of it's collective bargaining heart, to send me a paycheck every month, can be reached at the following link:

University of Maine at Presque Isle

And if you're a faculty, staff, or administrative member of the University of Maine at Presque Isle, then you, too, can put up a page. Here's a reference document:

WWW Publishing at UMPI for Faculty and Staff

Hobbies & Games

This section provides access to some of the things that I have done with games. There is not much, as yet, but there's a few links here.

Among other things, I've started collecting older console gaming systems. (Atari, Coleco, etc.) You can view my list of the things I own. If you have games or consoles to sell or trade, contact me and let me know!

Here's a set of rules that I was putting together for a rail-road tile-type game. Tony's Own RailRoad Game.

Here's a copy of the rules for the game Acquire. It's published by The Avalon Hill Game Company, and is a simple, but fun game.

Programming Language references

This section is intended to give me quick access to a number of on-line programming language manuals, for use while programming. These manuals are local copies, so that they will load quickly and be accessible even during times of problems with accessing the rest of the Internet.

Programming Languages Reference Links
Programming Languages Reference Links
RFC 821 - SMTP HTML Quick Reference MPI Reference
RFC 977 - NNTP HTML Primer MUF Reference
RFC 1939 - POP3 HTML 3.2 Specification (English) TinyFugue 5.0b8 Help
RFC 2060 - IMAP4 HTML 4.0 Specification (English)
RFC 2131 - DHCP

UMPI Notes and References Programming Projects Scholarly Papers, Stories, Songs, & Pictures
Hobbies & Games Programming Reference Links