Chunzeng Wang, Ph.D.



             Geology, Environment, GIS, and Renewable Energy


             Office: Room 306, South Hall

             Phone: (207)768-9412


             University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI)

             181 Main Street

             Presque Isle, ME 04769


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I am a field geologist, a GIS specialist, and a teacher. I have been involved in geologic learning, teaching, and research since 1980. I earned my B.S. (Geology) from Guilin College of Geology (now Guilin University of Technology) in1984, M.S. (Geology) from China University of Geosciences in1989, and M.Phi. and Ph.D. (Earth and Environmental Sciences) from the City University of New York Graduate Center in 2000 and 2001. Being a field geologist, I enjoy field geologic mapping and research. To be honest, most of geology I have learned is from the field. My major field area in Maine since late 1990s is in central- and central-eastern Maine through which there exists a huge fault called Norumbega Fault System. So far I have two bedrock geologic maps published by Maine Geological Survey and more are on their way for publication. I work on local geology such as the Mars Hill conglomerate and Haystack volcano. I am also an economic geologist and work on research projects related to precious metal (gold) and nonferrous metal (copper, tungsten, molybdenum, etc.) deposits. I have an interest in granite and study granite for more than 30 years. My research also involves oil basins in China from structural and tectonic perspectives. I travel to China nearly once a year and work with several Chinese geologists on a number of projects over western, northeastern, and southern China. I am also interested in using GIS (geographic information system) technology in my geologic mapping and research, and in mapping environmental hazards, natural resources, and municipal infrastructures. At University of Maine Presque Isle, I am in charge of the GIS program and head the GIS Laboratory. I work with the communities and have developed a community GIS center aimed at municipal asset management, resource management, and community planning and development. I teach two GIS courses in a two-semester sequence, Fundamentals of GIS (GIS I) in the spring and Advanced Spatial Analysis and GIS Applications (GIS II) in the fall. All my GIS students work on community GIS projects as part of their GIS II course work and some of them work as paid interns. In recent years I am also interested in renewable energy resources and teach an introductory level of renewable energy resources course with a focus on scientific concepts and principles of energy conversion and environmental impacts.


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