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Kevin McCartney
Professor, Geology
Northern Maine Museum of Science, Director
University of Maine at Presque Isle
Presque Isle, ME 04769
Phone: (207) 768-9482
home phone (bed & breakfast) 492-4766
Skype address: mccartnk

Courses (click for recent syllabus):
GEY 112 & 112L Fundamentals of Geology and lab (Spring, 2018)
ENV 110 Introduction to Environmental Science (Spring, 2018)
GEY 114 Historical Geology - History of Life (Spring, 2018)
ENV 125 Energy (Fall, 2017)
Dynamic Geology (in English) at Szczecin University, Poland (Fall 2016 to Spring 2017)
GEY 201 Fossil Fuels: Use and Effects (Fall, 2015)
ENV 386 Oceanography (Spr. 2014)
GEY 114 Historical Geology - History of Life (Spr. 2013)
GEY 112 & 112L Fundamentals of Geology and lab (Summer, 2010)
GEY 113 & 113L Historical Geology and lab (Spr. 2008)
GEY 212 Marine Geology (Spr. 2010)
GEY 213 Environmental Geology (Fall, 2007)
GEY 322 & 322L Paleontology and Lab (Fall, 2008)
ECY 323 Paleoecology (Spr, 2007)
ECY 323 Paleoecology (Spr, 2009)
SCI 110 Science I (2007)
SCI 110L Science I laboratory (1998)
ENV 489 Research Methods (Senior Seminar, Spr. 2008)
ENV 489 Directed Independent Study: Deep Sea Research (Spr. 2010)
Sci 012 Foundations of College Science lecture and lab (Spr. 2009)

Kevin's Daily Schedule (Spring Semester, 2018)
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