6th annual
Rotary Art Auction
part of the 61st annual
Presque Isle Rotary Club
Radio / TV Auction

December 2 - 4, 2008
7:00 - 10:00 PM

Seen on Time Warner Channel 9
Heard on Channel X - 97.7 FM and 102.3 FM

Proceeds from auction to go to:

Presque Isle Police Department: $2000 for a utility trailer to haul their safety rescue 4 wheelers.
Presque Isle Fire Department: $2000 for ATV conversion kit and ski and suspension kit for ATV rescues.
Special Olympics Aroostook County: $2000 for signage and color.
Nordic Heritage Sport Club: $1500 to complete the purchase of the event radios.
Pine Street Elementary School: $1500 for emergency back-packs.
Pine Tree Chapter of Red Cross: $1500 for CPR and First Aid training equipment.
Martha and Mary's Soup Kitchen: $2500 to repair/replace building area.
Wall hangings can be viewed at Pinkham Entrance and hallways at TAMC/ARG during November prior to auction

Susan Beaulier was raised in Oxbow, and went to the University of Maine and UMPI prior to settling in Ashland. For 19 years she has taught at the Ashland Community Schools, where she is also coordinator of their gifted and talented program. Susan works with watercolor and collage and makes handmade books. She also does fused glass jewelry made of kiln-fired art and dichroic glass, which she sells at craft shows under the name "Dragonfly Dreams."


Item number 189
Original Art by Susan Beaulier.
Pendant and earring set, black glass with blue dichroic inlay, sterling settings.
Value $50, bidding starts at $15.
Tuesday, 7:30-8:00

Lara Cannon has worked professionally for eleven years and received a Bachelors' degree in Fine Art from Brigham Young.  She moved from Seattle to Northern Maine three years ago and is presently the President of the Art Center at the Aroostook Centre Mall.  Lara paints portraits and does murals for hotel lobbies and has recently been inspired by David Leffel from Santa Fe.  She has won a national award for a ceramic piece and has a work displayed at the Springville Museum of Art in Utah.


Item number 1129
Original Art by Lara Cannon 
  A watercolor in frame. 
Value $150, bidding starts at $50.           
Tuesday one-day item.

Richard Clark grew up in Caribou and moved to Perham in 1990. He does drawings with graphite pencil and paintings in acrylic and pastels, preferring landscapes from northern Maine that include trees. He has had two one-man shows at the Reed Art Gallery at UMPI and has won a number of awards. His Woods Edge Gallery is near his home in Perham and open to the public Tuesday through Saturday (call ahead, see ). Richard is this year's Rotary Resident Artist.


Item number 1528
Original Art by Richard Clark.
Pencil drawing of forest landscape, done during the auction.
Value $200, bidding starts at $50.
Three-day item painted during auction by Rotary Resident Artist

Original Art by Richard Clark.
Item number 249
Acrylic painting of Connolly's Grove, 6 X 9" in gold-colored frame.
Value $150, bidding starts at $50.
Tuesday, 8:00-8:30

Tom Cote was born and has lived in northern Maine, and has recently retired as a art teacher at Limestone Community School. His specialty is wood carvings and his work has been seen for many years at area art and craft shows, and more recently at the Jewelry Box in the Aroostook Center Mall. His art is in private collections on all the earth's continents except Antarctica. Tom has participated in several previous Rotary Art Auctions, and was Rotary Resident Artist for 2006 and 2007.


Item Number 1529?
Original Art by Tom Cote.
Wood carving, done during the auction.
Value $150, bidding starts at $40.
Three day auction item

Item number 348
Original Art by Tom Cote.
Handcrafted wood relief carving.
Value $250, bidding starts at $75.
Tuesday, 9:00-9:30

Paul A. Cyr was born in Van Buren and moved to Presque Isle in 1976.  He has been photographing since the age of 10 or 12, starting with an instamatic that came from a cereal box.  He has in the past five years begun taking digital photographs.  Many of his photographs can be seen at < http://www.crownofmaine.com/paulcyr/daily/> where a DVD of his photos canbe purchased.  His submission to the Rotary Art Auction consists of four framed pictures of the B-17 bomber "Liberty Belle" flying over Presque Isle.


Item number 1329
Original Photo Art by Paul A. Cyr.
  Four framed photos of "Liberty Belle" B-17 bomber flying over Presque Isle.
  Value $250, bidding starts at $100.
Tuesday, 9:30-10:00

William L. Duncan is from Caribou and is now active in the New Sweden community. He has been known as a photographer of local landscape and culture. A recent Master's degree has extended his practice to include public art and teaching. Working with students, he continues to explore a variety of media from traditional graphic arts techniques through digital imaging. His current interest is art in the social context. Bill's was also in last year's Rotary Art Auction.

Item number 449
Original Photo Art by William L. Duncan.
40X10" panoramic landscape photo from top of Cloggy Joe Mtn, looking west.
Value $200, bidding starts at $75.
Wednesday, 7:00-7:30

Katherine Q. Jones grew up in Gary Indiana and lived in many other places prior to her arrival in northern Maine in 2007. She has been working with stained glass for about five years. Kathy uses a copper foil method, in which each piece of glass is wrapped in copper and soldered. Her work commonly depicts flowers, butterflies and she is now working on Maine lighthouses. She also likes making stained glass lampshades of the Tiffany style. She runs the Walela (Cherokee word for hummingbird) Art Glass Studio from her house in Easton and is CFO for the Aroostook Band of MicMacs.


Item number 1229
Original Art by Katherine Q. Jones. 
  11"x17" Stained Glass Panel "Victorian Tulips" framed in wood.
Value $150.00.  Bidding starts at $75.00
Wednesday one-night item

Jeanie McGowan was born and raised in Presque Isle. She became interested in ceramic art at age 19 when she took a pottery class at UMPI, taught by Russell Mount. She later spent many years in Arizona and New Mexico, where she was influenced by southwestern pottery and Native American cultures. She likes to add natural history designs into an abstract piece. Jeanie is Director of the Nylander Museum in Caribou and is also active with programs at the Northern Maine Museum of Science at UMPI.


Item number 549
Original Ceramic Art by Jeanie McGowan.
Value $75, bidding starts at $25.
Wednesday, 8:00-8:30

Kathryn Olmstead is a native of Michigan who moved to northern Maine in 1974. She was editor at the Aroostook Republican before taking an academic position teaching journalism at the University of Maine, where she is now Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Kathy maintains homes in Orono and Aroostook County. She has edited Echoes magazine for the past twenty years. She began serious work in photography after taking a photo course in Concord, NH in the early 1970s. He favorite themes are land and cityscapes and architecture.


Item number 649
Original Photo Art by Kathryn Olmstead.
B & W photo of potato field, baskets and barrels, 9 ½ X 7 ½", in 15 X 12" frame.
Value $45, bidding starts at $20.
Wednesday, 9:00-9:30

Tamara Ritchie was born and raised in Aroostook County. She and her husband Doug raised their two children in Littleton until recently moving to Houlton. She discovered the art of quilting a few years ago as her children were becoming young adults. Her quilting work been displayed throughout the State of Maine and many have received select awards, including being featured in Down East Magazine's 2004 tribute to Maine's Quilting Mania.


Item number 689
Original Art by Tamara Ritchie.
12 X 30" silhouette appliqué wall-hanging titled "Holy Family" hanging from wooden dowel.
Value $150, bidding starts at $50.
Wednesday, 9:30-10:00

Kaye A. Russell was born in the small town of McPherson, Kansas, and lived for nine years in Montana before coming to northern Maine this year. She works primarily in oil, painting nature scenes and landscapes after hikes with her husband, who teaches at UMPI. Kaye was the illustrator for the children's book "Murphy Moose and Garrett Goose – Springtime in the Mountains" which was written by Phyllis Macy-Mills.


Item number 749
Original Art by Kaye A. Russell.
18 ½ X 23" watercolor titled "first snow, framed.
Value $75, bidding starts at $50.
Thursday, 7:00-7:30

Judy Sherman was raised and still lives in OxBow. She was "always a doodler" but with the urging of her husband took art lessons from Wilma Tompkins in 1988. She is best known for oil paintings of birds and animals, but also does acrylic paintings of houses, seascapes, landscapes, stilllife, and wildlife. Judy owns and operates the Deep In The Woods consignment gift shop in OxBow, which inlcudes over 75 (mostly County) artisans & craftsmen. She teaches acrylic medium adult education at Ashland High School.


Item number 849
Original Art by Judy Sherman.
"Fall at Camp", 12"x16" acrylic painting on canvas board in barnboard frame. Overall size 17"x21".
Value $175.00, bidding starts $85.
 Thursday, 8:00-8:30

Cindy Snell started making pottery in 1995. Cindy makes her pottery pieces by hand without the use of a pottery wheel and also makes her own glazes. Her pottery draws inspiration from things she finds in nature. These pieces are food safe and are often used as serving vessels or centerpieces for the dining table.


Item number 949
Original Pottery by Cindy Snell.
2 pieces, a bowl and matching small platter, of Rhubarb Leaf Pottery.
Value $75.00, Bidding starts at $25.
Thursday, 9:00-9:30

Jessica Stackhouse has been carving wood for five years, beginning in a high school art class taught by Tom Cote. She was born and raised in Caswell and is presently a junior studying art at UMPI. Jessica likes working with wood and clay and prefers landscapes. This will be the third year that she will be carving a work during the auction, along with Tom Cote.


Item Number 1530?
Original Art by Jessica Stackhouse.
Wood carving, done during the auction.
Value $150, Bidding starts at $40.
Three day auction item

Gert Thibodeau was born in Clair, New Brunswick but has lived in Ft. Kent since 1960. She began drawing as a teenager in school. She paints landscapes in oil and has won a variety of awards as an art teacher, including Outstanding Adult Educator (presented by the Aroostook Literacy Coalition) and Outstanding Teacher of the Year (presented by the Ft. Kent High School. She also is the 2007 Memories of Maine Artist of the Year. She is presently working on figurative painting with a group of professional artists studying with a Master Artist in Montreal.


Original Art by Gert Thibodeau.
16x20inch monochromatic oil painting, "The Glow of Winter" snowy night scene, on canvas and framed. 
Value $125.  Bidding starts at $60.     
Thursday, 7:30-8:00

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