Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.
- William Ruckelshaus, (EPA administrator, Business Week, June 18, 1990)
Oil depletion and climate change will create an entirely new context in which political struggles will be played out. Within that context, it is not just freedom, democracy, and equality that are at stake, but the survival of billions of humans and of whole ecosystems.
- Richard Heinberg, Powerdown (2004)

The future ain't what it used to be.

- Paul Valery (also attributed to Yogi Berra)

Syllabus: Gey 125, Introduction to Energy, Fall, 2017:
Lecture (Live, class 62390, section 1): MW, 2:00-3:15, Folsom 302
Lecture (Live, class 62392, section 2): Recorded and available soon after the love lecture. Text: Energy: Gordon Aubrecht (3rd ed.)

Kevin McCartney (office: 217 South Hall, most hours Monday and Wednesday, especially 1:00-2:00)
302 Folsom Hall (Geology Lab) all day Tuesday/Thursday
office phone 207.768.9482; home phone (bed and breakfast) 492.4766
email:; Skype: mccartnk
web page:
Tests and Assignments Final Grades
Test 1
125 pnts A = 90%s (540+ pnts)
Test 2
125 pnts B = 80%s (480+ pnts)
Test 3
125 pnts C = 70%s (420+ pnts)
10 pnts F = below 70% (419 pnts)
Summary of current news event;
4 at 15 pnts each
60 pnts
Final (cumulative)
155 pnts
Total Points = 600
A-grade point totals equal Proficiency 4
B & C-grade point totals equal Proficiency 3
No make-up exams unless a valid excuse is given before the missed test.
A steady improvement in test scores may be used in revising grade upwards.
Otherwise, grades will not be curved.

Course Objectives

Kevin's Education and Test Philosophy

Introduction of Yourself

how to access track edits.

News Summaries, advice on professional writing.

News Summary Submittal Procedure

how to access track edits.

How to get to your course listing on Blackboard

Procedure for online students

Energy course, online philosophy and process

Below is a tentative schedule of Energy lectures
(Fall, 2017)

Click lecture for quote and key words
Assignments need to be read before class.
#-# date day lecture title reading:
1-0 Introduction for online students 2nd ed. 3rd ed.
Part I - Energy overview
1-1 8/28 M Introduction to Energy 1:1-9 1:1-13
1-2 8/30 W History of Energy Use 2:13-20 2:16-22
9/1 F Introduction to Yourself due
9/4 M No class, Labor Day
1-3 9/6 W What is Energy? 3:23-41 3:26-43
9/6 W Last day to Drop a class
1-4 9/11 M Energy Transformations 3:23-41
1-5 9/13 W Electromagnetism and Electricity 4:46-63 4:48-63
1-6 9/18 M The electric grid, intro 6:83-102 8:122-141
1-7 9/20 W The electric grid 6:83-102 8:122-141
1-8 9/25 M Energy associated with atomic bonding 7:108-121 6:86-99, 103
9/27 W TEST 1 (on material to 9/25)
9/29 F Summary of news article due by 5:00 PM
Part II - Fossil Fuels and Climate Change
2-1 10/2 M Exponential growth and limited resources 5:66-80 5:66-81
2-2 10/4 W What is Coal 11:180-196 12:214-228
10/9 M No class, Fall Break
2-3 10/11 W Coal Mining, other issues 11:196:208 12:235-242
10/13 F Summary of news article #2 due
2-4 10/16 M What is Petroleum 11:196:208 12:235-242
2-5 10/18 W Petroleum reservoirs and recovery 11:196:208 12:235-242
2-6 10/23 M Alternatives to gasoline 15:317-344 12:235-242
2-7 10/25 W Climate Change 17:350-381
10.30 M Test 2 (on material to 10/25)
10/30 M Last day to withdrawl without penalty
Part III - Alternatives to fossil fuel
3-1 11/2 W Where to from here?
3-2 11/6 M Nuclear Power 16:358-363
3-3 11/8 W Nuclear Power, to Solar 16:358-363
3-4 11/13 M Solar 19:437-462 21:454-472
3-5 11/15 W Wind 19:437-462 21:454-472
11/17 F Summary of news article #3 due
3-6 11/20 M Geothermal and Heat Pumps 19:437-462,
11/22 W T H A N K S G I V I N G !
3-7 11/27 M Biomass
3-8 11/29 W Test III (on material to 4/21)
12/1 F Summary of news article #4 due
4-1 12/4 M Conservation and Urban Planning
4-2 12/6 W Lifestyle changes 20:467-484 22:475-488

Final Exam: Tuesday, May 10, 10:15-12:15.

University of Maine at Presque Isle
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As a member of the university, I pledge to
Pursue academic excellence,
Support open inquiry and civil expression,
Listen respectfully to the viewpoints of others,
Participate responsibly in the life of the community,
Conserve and enhance the beauty of the campus, and
Help members of the university realize their potential.

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