Geo-Ecology Club
University of Maine at Presque Isle

The Geo-Ecology Club was founded in about 1973, originally as the Geology Club; the name was changed to Geo-Ecology in 1990. The club has always had a small, but active membership dedicated to learning more about geology and Ecology issues. The club typically sponsors several field trips and visiting speakers during the year.


President: Ben Williams
Vice President: Jonathan Helstrom

Recent Field Trips

Acadia National Park, April, 1999 (Kirk Lurvey, fearless leader)
NEIGC Field Trip, October, 2000 (Orono, ME)
(Geo-Ecology Club has participated in last 8 NEIGC field trips)
Geological Society of Maine Spring Banquet, 2000 (Bowdoin College)
(Geo-Ecology Club has participated in last 10 GSM Spring meetings)
Quebec Ice Cave trip, September 30, 2000
Orono Library trip, December 9, 2000
GSM Banquet, USM, April, 2001
Trip to Boston, early April, 2001

field trips for 2001-2002

September 21-23, NEIGC to Fredericton, New Brunswick
late March, early April - GSM Banquet at Colby early April - Washington DC trip

field trips for 2002-2003

September, NEIGC to Lake George, New York
February - Atlantic Geoscience Society Halifax NS

field trips for 2003-2004

September, NEIGC to Amherst, Massachusetts
late January - Atlantic Geoscience Society Moncton, NB

field trips for 2004-2005

October 8-10, NEIGC to Salem, Massachusetts
October 29, Fall GSM at Poland Springs
planned, April 8th, GSM Banquet at Bates
ATTENTION! The UMPI Geo-Ecology Club is the host for the Spring meeting of the Geological Society of Maine in April, 2006.

Useful Geology Links:

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Northeast Section, Geological Society of Maine
Northern Maine Museum of Science
Maine Solar System Model
Geological Society of America
Maine Geological Survey
University of Maine at Presque Isle
Atlantic Geological Society
New England Intercollegiate Geological Congress

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