Vital Statistics

Born: 1954

Married: 20 years, to Kate


B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Geology) 1976
M.S. West Virginia University (Geology) 1981
Ph.D. Florida State University (Geology) 1988
Dissertation: Mathematical Modeling of Silicoflagellate Shape

Academic Positions:

Weber State College (now Weber State University), Ogden, Utah; 1982-83
Florida State University (lectures and labs), Tallahassee, Florida; 1984-87
Tallahassee Community College, Tallahassee, Florida; 1986-88
University of Maine at Presque Isle, Presque Isle, Maine.
Assistant Professor; 1988-1994
Associate Professor; 1994-1998
Professor; 1998-present


List of reviewed science publications (38)
Publications by my undergraduate students (8, list needs to be updated)
Also many nonreviewed articles, reviews etc. in journals, magazines and newsletters (no list available)
More than 20 published abstracts (no list available)

Professional Membership:

Geological Society of America (regularly attended national meetings since 1986)
American Geophysical Union (member since 1987)
Atlantic Geoscience Society (starting 2004)
New England Intercollegiate Geological Congress (attended meetings since 1993)
International Nannoplankton Association (silicoflagellate reviewer)
National Association of Geology Teachers (since 1991)
American Association of Aviation Historians
Abraham Lincoln Association
American Association of Museums (Institutional member)
Maine Archives and Museums (Aroostook County Rep., past board member)

Science-related journals and magazines currently subscribed:

Journal of Geoscience Education
Northeast Naturalist
Physics Today
Nature Conservancy
Natural History
Scientific American
Maine Archives and Museums Newsletter (write Aroostook section)
various newsletters and history magazines

Avid Interests:

Geologic Poetry
Critical Analysis of Pseudoscience and Creationism
Educational Standards
Abraham Lincoln
Early Aviation History (emphasis pre-1909)
National Air and Space Museum collections and history
Aviation and Naval History of the Pacific War
Antique Pressing Irons and Furniture
Lunch (this hobby now inactive due to diet)
Community work:
Aroostook County Representative to DownEast Friends of the Folk Arts
Aroostook County Representative to Maine Archives and Museums
Director of Northern Maine Museum of Science (volunteer position)
President, Council for the Arts (organization based in Caribou dedicated to bringing performances to Aroostook County)
Chair of Historical Pavilion, Northern Maine Agricultural Fair
Chair of Music Festival, Northern Maine Agricultural Fair
Organize annual Art Auction, at the Rotary Auction, November
Presque Isle Rotary (Board member, 2005-2008)

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