Geology Lab Safety:

I. Emergency Equipment and telephone.

Nearest phone, in Kevin McCartney's office, on desk.
Dial 9 for outside line, thus emergency number is 9-911.


Fire alarms are at both ends of the hallway.
If there is a fire, pull the alarm and evacuate building.
Leave books and personal items in lab.
If your professor is not available, someone will need to communicate the nature and locations of fire to emergency personnel when they arrive.

Other safety devices:

Eyewash and shower is next to fume hood; this should not be blocked with other equipment.
Fireblanket is also next to fume hood, next to eyewash and shower.
Fire extinguishers, one is next to Kevin McCartney's office door and another is at opposite corner of geology lab.
First Aid Kit, located next to sink, near to door.

If there is a fire, do not attempt to fight it unless it is very small and manageable. All people not fighting fire should evacuate -- no spectators!
II. Guidelines

1. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes in laboratory.
2. Avoid loose fitting items of clothing.
3. Food and drinks are not allowed in laboratory.
4. Keep workspace tables free of all unnecessary materials. Backbacks should be placed on floor near your feet, not in the aisle.
5. Report any spills or accidents immediately to your instructor.
6. Treat rocks with respect. Larger rocks should be held with two hands.

Lab Policies:

Attendance: All students are expected to attend class. Those who cannot attend class because of work schedules should call the instructor.

Exams: Exams should be taken at exam time; this is especially pertinent for labs because of the set-up time required of the site coordinator. If for some valid reason you cannot attend a lab quiz or exam, contact the instructor.

Lab sets (rocks, minerals, maps or equipment) are not to leave the lab. Lab sets and equipment are to be shared by students are the site.