Northern Maine Music Festival
at the

Northern Maine Agricultural Fair

July 29th to August 6

Major Sponsors

Cary Medical Center
Presque Isle and Caribou Inns and Convention Center
John Noble
SW Collins (building materials for dance floor)
Council for the Arts (organizational support)

Night Sponsors

Aroostook Centre Mall
Duncan Graves Funeral Home
Baressi Financial
Old Iron Inn B&B
The Yellow Pages
Aroostook Music Company
Alpha One

Friday, July 29
Don Campbell Band, in Forum (this is the only event that requires a separate gate admission; all other musical events are free except for the $6 fair entrance).

Saturday, July 30
Fiddle Contest in afternoon (noon 4:00)
Karaoke Night (6:30-9:00ish, Commercial Bldg)

Sunday, July 31st
Jazz Night (6:30-9:00ish, Commercial Bldg)
Phil Yeager, Kyle Green, Larry Jenkins, Vaughn McLaughlin, Vicki King, Kevin Kinsey...
Outdoor stage, (starting at 8:00) Music from Full Circle.

Monday, Aug. 1st
Folk/traditional Night (6:30-9:00ish, Comm. Bldg)
Celtic Weave (Scottish)
Don Cyr [w. Aimee Wilkins] (Acadian)
Steve Boody (Swedish)
Jan and Evelyn Kok (Folk)
Outdoor stage, (starting at 7:00) Music from Full Circle.

Tuesday, Aug. 2nd
Gospel Night (6:30-9:00ish, Commercial Bldg)
Common Ground
High Meadow
Kim Kiehn
McLaughlin's Big Band in front of the grandstand prior to fireworks.

Wed. Aug 3rd
Bluegrass Night (6:30-9:00ish, Commercial Bldg)
Borderline Bluegrass
Cold Brook (Nissley Family)
Outdoor stage (6:30-9:00?) mixed genres
Valley Folk (group from Ft. Kent area)
Flat Soda (Blues trio)

Thurs. Aug. 4th
Fiddle Jamboree (6:30-9:00ish, Comm. Bldg)
Dave Putnam
Garold Hanscom & Wednesday Night Fiddlers (young fiddlers from New Brunswick)
Don Saucier
Steve Boody
Fort Fairfield Fiddleheads (Sue Herald and her young fiddlers, Ft. Fairfield area)
Outdoor stage devoted to Haystack Hist. Soc. Look-a-like contest, starts at 6:00
Starting after look-a-like contest, Paul Clayton and friends (Country)

Friday, Aug. 5th
Rock Night (6:30-9:00ish, Commercial Bldg)
Too Far North
Teen night inside Forum
Outdoor Stage rock and roll (starting at 7:00)
Alienz Among Us

Sat. Aug. 6th
Contra dancing in afternoon (12 2:30, Comm. Bldg)
Jaige Trudel and Adam Broome (contra dance band)
John McIntire (caller)
Classical Night (2:30-5:00, Commercial Bldg)
Caribou Choral Society
Northern Maine Chamber Society
Grace Notes

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