Historical Pavilion
Northern Maine Agricultural Fair
August 1 to 3rd, 2006

Sponsored this year by

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell, Presque Isle
Maine Humanities Council

Pavilion Chair:

Kevin McCartney
University of Maine at Presque Isle
The Historical Pavilion is an annual 3-day exhibit in the large Forum Building at the Northern Maine Agricultural Fair, in which many historical societies and family collections from Northern Maine are combined into a great exhibition of regional history. The Historical Pavilion began eight years ago as part of an effort to return the Northern Maine Fair to its agricultural and historic roots. Over thirty historical displays (see list below) are expected at this year's Pavilion, making it easily the largest assemblage of historical artifacts in Northern Maine. Visitors pay a $6 fee to get into the fairgrounds but pay no additional charge to enter the Historical Pavilion.

Tentative List of 2006 exhibitors: societies and organizations

Bridgewater Historical Society.
Caribou Historical Society.
Fort Fairfield Historical Society
Haystack Historical Society (Mapleton).
Knot-II-Bragg Farm.
Limestone-Caswell Historical Society
Maine Swedish Colony.
New Sweden Historical Society.
North Country Spinners and Knitters.
Northern Maine Museum of Science (Leroy Norton Collection).
Nylander Museum of Natural History (Olaf Nylander Collection).
Patton Historical Society.
Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum
Stockholm Historical Society.
Thomas Heritage House.
University of Maine at Presque Isle
VFW Posts.
Woodland Historical Society.

Individual exhibitors

Bill Arrington collection of Maine postcards
James Kaiser collection of bottles
Robert Longlais collection of cameras
Paul Brown Collection
Warren Archer Collection
Craig Green Automobiles

"Cottage Crafters" displays

list in preparation

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