Happy the man whose lot it is to know
The secrets of the earth. He hastens not
To work his fellows' hurt by unjust deeds
But with rapt admiration contemplate
Immortal Nature's ageless harmony,
and how and when her order came to be
Such spirits have no place for thoughts of shame.

- Euripides (484-406 B.C.)

Syllabus: Dynamic Geology, adapted for students in Szczecin, Poland, October 2016 to April 2017:
Lecture: 1500 - 1630 Thursdays, 30A Geocentrum (1st floor, Oceanography Hall)

Instructor: Kevin McCartney (office: 211 Geocentrum, up to third and across, then down)

office phone 607-47-1746; cell phone 570-59-8812
Skype: mccartnk

Below is a tentative schedule of Dynamic Geology lectures
(Szczecin, 2016-17)

Click lecture for day´s quote
# date day lecture title
1 10/13 Th Introduction, What is Geology?
2 10/20 Th A short history of universe & solar system
3 11/3 Th Early History & Development of the Earth
4 11-10 Th Igneous Rocks and Volcanism
5 11/17 Th Intrusive Rocks, ores, hotsprings
6 11/24 Th Metamorphic Rocks; building materials
7 12/1 Th Sedimentary Rocks; the deposition of strata
8 12/8 Th Downslope Movement
9 12/15 Th Weathering and production of soils
10 1/12 Th Stream Dynamics and floods
11 1/19 Th Groundwater
12 1/26 Th What is (and what is not) science?
13 3/2 Th Glaciers
14 3/9 Th mountains and faults
15 3/16 Th Earthquakes
16 3/23 Th History of Geology & the
interpretation of strata
17 3/30 Th Plate tectonics; forces upon the earth
18 4/6 Th Geology of Oil and Gas
19 4/20 Th Evolution
20 4/27 Th The Energy Future

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