Sci 110 lab

Sci 110 (Science I Laboratory), Spring 1999

Prerequisite: Current enrollment in Science I Lecture

Instructor and Office:

R. Pinette, Folsom 307 MWF 10-11
K. McCartney, Folsom 302 MWF 10-11

Material you will need to provide: Laboratory exercises from campus bookstore. A three ring binder is recommended to hold these together. You will also need 2.5 or 3 lead pencil. Bring calculator to lab.

Course Outline: Lab meets once per week on Thursday 8-10 or 10-12

Date Laboratory Topic Tests and Quizes
1-14 No labs this week
1-21 1: Measurement
1-28 2: Motion and Mechanics
2-4 3: Heat and Temperature Quiz 1 on Exercises 1 and 2
2-11 4: Electricity and Magnetism
2-18 Winter Break
2-25 5: Waves
3-4 6: Light
3-11 No labs this week Laboratory Test I on Exercises 1-6
3-18 7: Minerals
3-25 8: Rocks
4-1 Spring Break
4-8 9: Mapping Quiz 2 on Exercises 7 and 8
4-15 10: Topographic Maps
4-22 11. Weather Maps
4-29 No labs this week Laboratory Test II on Exercises 7-11

Preparing for lab. It is essential that you read the laboratory exercises one or more times before coming to lab to efficiently complete you work within the allotted two hours for the lab.

Student Evaluation:
Two lab quizes 10 points each 20
Two lab tests 40 points each 80
Total 100

Points from the laboratory comprise 25% of your grade for the course. See general course policies from lecture for more information on grades.

General Laboratory Instructions.


Attendance of all scheduled laboratory meetings is required. Absence from three lab periods will require you to withdraw from the course. Excused absences are possible In the event of extenuating circumstances where you may be forced to miss a lab, discuss the nature of this absence with your instructor before class.

There will be no laboratory makeups. In the event that you should miss a lab, it is your responsibility to get the information which you missed from another student. If you have any questions about this material, the instructor will be glad to go over the material with you.

Laboratory tests and quizzes. If you know that you cannot make a scheduled quiz or test, notify the instructor preferably one week in advance of the missed item. Accomodations will be made for a missed item when you show written documentation for illness, accident, court appearance or other reason.

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