"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things: ..."

- Lewis Carroll

Syllabis: Sci 012 (Foundations for College Science), Spring, 2009:
Lecture:8:00-9:15, TTh, Folsom 105.
Lab:8:00-9:15 or 11:00-12:15M, Folsom 201

Instructor: Kevin McCartney (office: 302 Folsom, hours: 10:00-11:00)

office phone 768-9482; home phone 492-4766

Text: Tillery, Enger and Ross, Integrated Science (4th ed., 3rd ed. also fine)
Lab Text: Lisa Brown, Foundations for College Science Laboratory Manual

Laboratory Section 001: Monday 8:00-9:50, 201 Folsom, Kevin McCartney, instructor
Laboratory Section 002: Monday 11:00-12:50, 201 Folsom, Jason Johnston, instructor
Jason Johnston, office hours (315 South Hall) WF 11-12:00 or by appointment.
Email address, , Phone number 768.9652

Non degree. The emphasis is on the methods of science, the nature of physical and biological matter, and scientific applications of mathematics and problem solving. The laboratory exercises provide a variety of opportunities for hands-on, coorperative learning or scientific processes and principles.


No make-up exams unless a valid excuse is given before the missed test.
(lecture; 3/4 of total credit) (lab; 1/4 of total credit) final grades
Test 1 125 pnts
4 lab quizes, 20 pnts each
2 tests, 50 pnts each
lab exercises, 40 pnts
A = 90% (720 pnts)
Test 2 125 pnts B = 80% (640 pnts)
Test 3 125 pnts C = 70% (560 pnts)
Final (cumulative) 225 pnts D = 60% (480 pnts)
Total Lecture 600 pnts
200 pnts
F < 60% (480 pnts)

A steady improvement in test scores may be used in revising grade upwards. Otherwise, grades will not be curved. Attendance can be taken into account in the case of borderline grades.

Below is a tentative schedule of Science 012 lectures and labs
(Spring, 2009)

Assignments should be read before class.
# date lecture title reading: Lab title
3rd ed. 4th ed.
Chapter 1 - What is Science? No lab first week
1 1/20 Introduction, What is Science? 1:2-20 1:2-20
2 1/22 Measurements in Science 1:4-20 1:4-20
Chapter 2 - Motion Exercise 1:
Lab safety
metric measurement
3 1/27 Motion 2:24-43 2:26-45
1/28 Last day to add/drop
4 1/29 Force 2:24-43 2:26-45
Chapter 3 - Energy 3: Pendulum Motion
Quiz1 on metric
5 2/3 Work, Power and Energy 3:52-65 3:56-69
6 2/5 Energy Sources 3:61-65 3:56-69
Chapter 4 - Heat and Temperature 4: Heat and Temperature
7 2/10 Temperature and Heat 4:70-91 4:76-96
8 2/12 Phases and Phase Change 4:70-91 4:76-96
February 16 - 23 V A C A T I O N
9 2/24 Exam I (material through 2/12) Not Lab due to snow!
Chapter 8 - Atoms and the Periodic Table
10 2/26 The Atom 8:172-186 8:180-194
11 3/3 Elements 8:172-186 8:180-194 7: Elements
Chapter 20 - Nature of Living Things
12 3/5 Cells and cell membranes 20:454-479 20:466-491
Chapter 21, 22 - Evolution and History of Life on Earth 11: Microscope and Cells

Quiz2, temperature & elements
13 3/10 Evolution 21:495-512 21:505-514
14 3/12 Life and Time 22:516-528 22:526-539
Chapter 23 - Ecology and Environment Lab Midterm
hand in lab book
for evaluation, 15 pnts
15 3/17 Ecologic Communities 23:548-577 23:560-588
16 3/19 Biological Environments 23:548-577 23:560-588
March 21 - 29 S P R I N G B R E A K
17 3/31 Exam II (material through 3/19) 9: Minerals
Chapter 14 - Earth in Space
18 4/2 Orbital Characteristics of the Earth 14:302-318 14:312-329
19 4/7 Seasons and Tides 14:302-318 14:312-329 9: Rocks

Quiz3, Organisms and minerals
Chapter 15 - Earth
20 4/9 History of the Earth, rock cycle 15:322-329 15:334-341
21 4/14 Plate Tectonics 15:229-341 15:341-352 10: Topographic maps
Quiz4 on rocks
22 4/16 Mountains and Earthquakes 16:246-357 16:356-367
Chapter 15 - Earth's Surface Lab Final: Organisms, Minerals,
Rocks and Maps
hand in lab book, 15 pnts
23 4/21 Erosion and Weathering 16:357-367 16:367-378
24 4/23 Streams and Floods 16:357-367 16:367-378
25 4/28 Groundwater 18:408-410 18:419-421 Insect Herbivory
26 4/30 Exam III (material through 4/28)
Chapter 18 - Water Ecology tour of campus
hand in insect herbivory
assignment, 10 pnts
27 12/3 Oceans 18:406-422 18:416-432
28 12/5 Climate Change 18:406-422 18:416-432

Final Exam: Tuesday, May 12th, 8-10:00



If you have a disability and need an accommodation or assistance in this course, please make an appointment to talk with me to discuss how I can help you and contact Myrna McGaffin, Director, Student Support Services, South Hall, phone ext. 613 or 768-9613



Academic honesty is required and the student should refer to the policy of the University pertaining to academic honesty published in the current issue of the University of Maine at Presque Isle Student Handbook. Violations of academic honesty include:

  • Receiving or giving aid on examinations.
  • The use of any form of notes or reference material not specifically authorized for use on an exam by the instructor.
  • Any form of plagiarism or dry labbing (making up data) on assignments or exercises.

    If the instructor has reasonable cause to believe that the policies of academic honesty have been violated he will discuss the matter with the individual or individuals involved and, depending on the nature and gravity of the violation, assign the individual or individuals involved a grade of F (zero points) for the violated work or require that the individual or individuals withdraw from the course with a grade of F.

    The University guarantees specific rights to students and there is an Academic Appeals procedure for a student with a grievance concerning alleged violations of the explicitly stated and/or published policies regarding a particular course. Refer to Academic Appeal under the Academic Policies section of the current University Catalog as well as The Student's Bill of Rights and Student Grievances under Section 2 of the current Student Handbook.


    Laboratory Section 001: Monday 8:00-9:50, 201 Folsom, Kevin McCartney, instructor
    Laboratory Section 002: Monday 11:00-12:50, 201 Folsom, Jason Johnston, instructor

    Jason Johnston, office hours (315 South Hall) WF 11-12:00 or by appointment.
    Email address, , Phone number 768.9652

    Prerequisite: Current enrollment in Science 012 Lecture

    Bring to lab class:

    Foundations for College Science Laboratory Manual
    metric ruler
    2.5 or 3 lead pencil
    notebook paper
    metric graph paper (you may photocopy the sheets in your lab manual as needed)


    This lab course is an integral part of the SCI 012 course, making up 1/4 of total grade for four credits.


    • Be on time to lab.
    • Be considerate of neighbors and refrain from talking during laboratory introductions.
    • Place all wastes in appropriate containers.
    • Do not tinker with equipment or materials until you are instructed to do so.
    • Do not mark or cut desks, tables or bench tops.
    • There is no eating or drinking allowed in the laboratory.

    Attendance of all scheduled laboratory meetings is required. Absence from three lab periods will require you to withdraw from the course. Excused absences are possible In the event of extenuating circumstances where you may be forced to miss a lab, discuss the nature of this absence with your instructor before class.

    There will be no laboratory makeups. In the event that you should miss a lab, it is your responsibility to get the information which you missed from another student. If you have any questions about this material, the instructor will be glad to go over the material with you.

    Laboratory tests and quizzes. If you know that you cannot make a scheduled quiz or test, notify the instructor preferably one week in advance of the missed item. Accomodations will be made for a missed item when you show written documentation for illness, accident, court appearance or other reason.
    See schedule above for lab lecture topics, quiz schedule and evaluation.

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