This course will be taught as a directed study, See Kevin or registrar's office for form. first class, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 3:00, in Kevin's office
call or email Kevin if you can't attend.
we will then plan on convenient meeting time.

Genius is one percent inspiration
and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

- Thomas A. Edison

When you steal from one author, its plagiarism;
if you steal from many, it's research.

- Wilson Mizner

Env 489 (Environmental Studies Senior Seminar): Spring, 2008:
A seminar course for Environmental Studies seniors. Students make written and oral presentations on a topic of environmental concern. Emphasis is placed on the student's ability to find, obtain, review, analyze, evaluate, and present available information in a written report and an oral presentation.

Lecture: Time, to be decided. Folsom 302

Instructor: Kevin McCartney (office: 302 Folsum, hours: most MWF 1:00-3:00 and many other times)

office phone 768-9482; home phone 492-4766


No late papers accepted: deadline.
Papers may be passed by your instructor on to external reviewers for comment.
It is highly recommended that presentations be done with Power Point.
Final course grade is based on:
Oral presentation 40%
Paper 60%

PowerPoint Tutorial 1

Power Point Tutorial 2

Tentative Schedule (Spring, 2008) Meeting time, Mar. 5-9: Written draft (as detailed outline?) dueNO EXTENSIONS!
I Selection and Research of Topic
Jan. 14-18 Introduction to process, discussion of topics
Decide on regular meeting time.
Jan. 22-25 How to narrow topic; discuss topics for paper
J. 28 - F. 1 How to gather materials; topic should be narrowed
Submit one or more source materials that relate to topic.
Feb. 4-8 Field trip to University of Maine (Orono) library?
Demonstration of citation indices
Demonstration of computer search
Fairly large number of interlibrary loans should be ordered before or by this day.
Feb. 11-15 Continuation of previous week
Feb. 19-22 February Break
II Writing a Research Paper
F. 25 - 29 Presentation and discussion of your topic in class.
Discuss Outline
Mar. 3-7 Outline due
Discuss abstracts
Mar. 10-15 Citation styles, formats and usuage
Decision on Citation Style
Mar. 17-21 Construction and Revision of Text
M. 26- 30 Presenting before an audience, using of visuals
M. 31 - A. 4 Spring Break
III Making an Oral Presentation
Apr. 7-11 Presenting before an audience, using visuals
Apr. 14-18 More questions and discussion
Apr 16 UNIVERSITY DAY -- do we want to do a U-day presentation for practice??
Apr. 21-25 Final questions and discussion
A. 28 - May 2 Presentations
Important Dates
Meeting time, 1st week of February: Topic Decided
Week of Apr. 7-11 : Students decide and make arrangements for time and place of final presentation; also projector, coffee/munchies (?), advertising and invitation list.
Week of Apr. 14-28 : Final abstract due, to be used on fliers
April 25 : Paper submitted
Last week of classes : Oral Presentations

Personel Resources: people you might contact for advice or information

University Faculty / Staff

Stuart Gelder, Ph.D.:
Andrea Gorman, Ph.D.:
Michael Knopp, Ph.D.:
Charlton Loder: (retired, but still available)
Dave Putnam:
Kevin McCartney, Ph.D:
Robert Pinette, Ph.D.:
Chunzeng Wang, Ph.D.:
Bonnie Wood, Ph.D.:

Course alumni, now employed professionally

David Cassidy, construction supervisor,
Sherry Churchill, graduate student, desertification,,
Fred Corey, project supervisor, Maine Mic Macs,
Dan Kurpaska, city water service,
Kirk Lurvey, Glacial Geology, now teaching on Mount Desert Island,
Dan Lavasseur, Huber Wood Products,
Kelly MacDonald,
Dave Macek, ecologist, Maine Mic Macs,
Heidi Nelson, soil conservationist , Machias,
Chris Power,
Susan Peterson,
Tracy Reed,
Troy Smith, Bureau of Remediation, Augusta
Maggie Watson

Possible Professional Contacts in Maine:

Fred Beck, Economic Geologist,
Paul Blood, Geologist, Bureau of Oil and Hazardous Materials Control, DEP, Bangor,
Dirk Brunner, Principal Engineer, Harding Lawson Associates, Portland,
Elizabeth Champeon, Senior Geologist, S.W.Cole Engineering, Inc., Bangor,
Julia Daly, Assist. Prof., University of Maine at Farmington,
Chris Dorion, Consulting Geologist, C.C. Dorion Geological Services, Orono,
Noel Currie, Water Testing and Analysis, Presque Isle,
Tom Eastler, Prof. of Geology, University of Maine at Farmington,
Ed Laine, Ph.D., Ass. Prof. of Environmental Geology, Bowdoin, Brunswick,
Dana Humphrey, Ph.D., waste disposal, Prof. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Orono,
Bruce Hunter, Geologist, Department of Environmental Protection, Augusta,
Alison Jones-Lemire, hydrogeologist, Acadia Environmental, Portland,
Steve Kahl, Geochemist, Orono, KAHL@MAINE.MAINE.EDU
Joe Kelley, Coastal Geologist,
John Peckenham, Environmental Geologist, Orono,
Doug Reusch, Assist. Prof., University of Maine at Farmington,
Stewart K. Sandberg, Ph.D., geophysics technology,

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